Lezflirt intergenerational

The older person must be more emotionally responsible than the younger, who must not be financially dependant on the other, it is the only way to balance the power of two people who each have the same rights, eh.


Introducing lezflirt

My name is nina, and in the 1990s, at the Vancouver queer center, still on bute at Davie street, I did a three hour long flirting workshop, in which about 20 of the 30 participants went two more hours at a local queer restaurant, long since turned into a Denny’s. Anyway, today, I found an old photo of me, so in the Internet tradition took a picture of me with it. Middle aged me with baby dyke me, 2019 and still queer, and a drone target, in this high teachery Web 30. Of no nuetrality, and rights a fiction in few nations.