Lezflirt 601 the butch lap

I spent four days at a lesbian conference, planning ti chase, getting chased, but ended up chaste. Wondering, what woman, I am waiting for to invite or sit in my dyke lap, eh.

That shopping proverb

I fell for an online romance scam, so as the saying goes of not going shopping when you are hungry, stay away from bitcoin when you are horny or think you’re in love, eh. Tax and government are not the only frauds, eh. And I am leaving the internet before The Pee Tape is streaming, so this ends this blog.

Queer in vancouver

Today I went downtown Vancouver, and treated myself to two books at little sisters, where I used to only used to buy books banned by Canada Customs. Here is what it is like to walk from the qmunity center past hamburger Mary’s to little sisters second location. In the 1990s the original site had a bomb thrown into the shop.